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Focus on your Business, not your tech

We create first class websites and web applications.  Please take a look how we can use our know-how to help your organization!

How can we help you?


We can design a state-of-the-art web presence that takes advantage of organic seach engine ranking.


We can create a web application that can automate processes allowing for a production multiplier. A great example is a customer portal!


We can setup and thereafter help you leverage tools that can give you the ability to understand and manage your own Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

Social Media

We can help you auto-post your content to multiple social outlets all at once.


We can get a custom store setup with the ability to sell digital/downloadable or physical products in no time!

Help & Support

The best part! We are available when you need us... and we will already know you! We will be able to perform as a instructor, developer, troubleshooter, etc...

Meet Our Leadership

Charles Gattsek is a Founder of and serves as its Managing Member. 

As a former corporate information systems manager and thereafter an entrepreneur, he has assisted a number of organizations with the development and implementation of end-to-end integrated technology solutions.

Charles Gattsek

Founder - Owner - Operator


Charles gained his technical experience as a programmer, corporate information systems manager, owner-operator of an Internet Service Provider and in the last number of years has focused on business process consulting as it related to web-based technologies.

Charles’s cross-disciplines in business and technology provide him with insight into the “why” behind both the business and technical goals which govern their business/organizational decisions.

We've got you covered

We believe that when you are building a brand, you need your supporting tech to be top-notch.  To that end, we have hope you will explore some additional service options that will help your brand to represent your well.

We offer options that are designed to SUPPORT your in-house staff, perform specific responsibilities or fully manage your infrastructure.


WordPress hosting done right!

We offer our clients access to our burstable server infrastructure to allow for lower costs and high performance! 

secure – reliable – scalable

We also offer virtually unlimited custom options.


design / web-master

Do you want to refresh your site, or does your web person need some help?

Do you need help with software updates?

We offer interactive design and web-master services.

We can upskill your staff or manage updates for you. 

seo / marketing

A great deal of visibility can be achieved by simply making use of website tools, plug-ins, etc.

Your content, properly coupled with the proper tools helps search engines absorb your messaging in the best way to get results!

We are mechanics!  Let us help!

Would you like to start a project with us?

We look forward to creating something wonderful!